Things You Need To Know Before Joining Golf Tournaments

In every officially registered sport in the world, there are certainly competitions or tournaments that are contested. Likewise with the sport of golf. If Football has a World Cup or Euro, then golf has a World Golf Championship or the US. Open as a world-class official tournament.

The purpose of holding such an official golf tournament is to prove who is number one in golf, which is to make the golf sport a global branch. Just held this kind of tournament, people are still not too familiar with the sport of golf, what if there isn’t. Not all people who pursue golf intend to focus on this sport. If you want to know more about golf for beginners, you can go to our website.

So do not be surprised if the champions of golf at the world level can be counted on the fingers. Even I only know Tiger Woods. To participate in a tournament, every player must know the system and procedure. Following are the Rules and Ethics in Golf Tournaments.

Not just golf alone, tournaments in every sport must have rules and procedures. But certainly the rules and procedures applied are different. And the rules at each tournament event certainly have some differences depending on several factors.

Here is what you should know if you want to compete in an international tournament:

– No Anchor Putting
Anchor Putting is one way to hit besides using the normal swing technique. Usually players do anchor putting when the ball is not far from the hole. Sometimes the player also does it in a broom handle position that is holding the stick like a broom handle. Techniques like this are clearly prohibited in tournaments since 2016, and those who break them will be rewarded with an additional 2 hit penalty.

– Ball Movement When Address
The address is a situation when the player has finished putting the ball and is preparing to hit. In these conditions sometimes the ball likes to move on its own due to the wind. Therefore in 2016 a new regulation was issued yesterday. New players are declared legitimate to hit if the stick hits the ball. The ball moves because the wind doesn’t count as a hit.

– Use of Extra Tools
The use of additional equipment in international golf tournaments is actually not prohibited. But the tools used must be common and meet established standards. If a player violates this rule, he will receive a 2 hit penalty on the Stroke Play game. And if you do it again, it will be declared defeat. Whereas in Matchplay, players will immediately be declared losers.