The Right Way to Hold a Golf Club

How to hold a golf club has an important role in the quality of a golfer’s swing. The technique of holding a good golf stick is considered capable of producing good golf games too. Although it has an important role, the technique of holding a golf club is often ignored by golfers. If you do that, you need to learn more about golf for beginners.

As the only connection between the golfer and the golf club, holding the golf club is capable of impacting the results of the swing. The technique of holding the sticks properly is capable of producing a solid and straight swing because the handle of the stick also controls the position of the impact plane. There are at least three styles of holding golf clubs that are known by the golfer, but the technique of holding them is not much different.

A mistake often made by the golfer when holding a golf club is to place a weak hand as a pedestal or placed at the top. For the dominant golfer the right hand can be left hand placed above the right hand, or vice versa for the left-handed golfer, causing a weak swing.

To be able to produce accuracy and maximum swing strength, you can follow the simple way of holding a golf club like this.

Adjust the location of the hands
The first step to holding golf clubs properly is to arrange the placement of the right hand and right hand. Make sure the golf club grip is in the left palm with the top of the stick still visible outside about ½ inch at the base of the hand. As for the right hand, place it on the front or bottom of the left hand with the handle of the stick located right at the base of the fingers. So, the base of the thumb of the right hand is directly above the thumb of the left hand when the hand is holding the stick. In this position the stick is on the ground with a straight position in front of the player and the face leads to the ball that is about to be hit.

The grip resembles the letter “V”
When doing this way of holding the golf club, the index finger and thumb look like they are forming the letter “V”. The grip resembles the letter “V” formed by the right hand towards the right ear as well as the left-hand grip. Like standing in front of a clock, the stick that is held leads to the number twelve and the thumb is above the stick toward one o’clock. The player’s gaze is pointing down precisely at the knuckles of the index and middle fingers on the handle of the golf club.