Sharpening Golf Swing Techniques

Just like kicking techniques are very important in soccer, swing techniques in golf have a very vital role. How come? Swing is the only way to score in golf. If you want to find out more articles about golf for beginners, you are in the right place.

As mentioned above, swinging is the only way to score points in golf. You cannot rely on penalty execution or even self-esteem goals like in football. Therefore, mastering the swing technique is a fixed price in pursuing this sport of golf.

Unfortunately, swinging isn’t as easy as we think. As a layman, many of us underestimate this swing technique. You will feel the difficulty in the process of execution. Yes, doing swing is not as easy as talking about it. There are several problems that cause us to fail to swing. But the main thing is usually 3 things, namely:

Don’t Hit the Ball
Seeing a professional golfer swing, we immediately assume that we can do it. Some even think that they can do better than that. But the truth? When executing, not even sticks to the ball.

Ball off the mark
When you have begun to master a little swing technique, begin to overconfidence take over. Start to add power in the swing with the hope the ball will be shot further. The result is the ball was shot far, far from the target or off the mark. But at least it has hit the ball.

The worst is when we are overconfident, hoping to make a swing with class. Imagine how if a new golfer was underrated like we could do a hole in one. Unfortunately the reality says differently, once we swing the stick, what is hit is the ground.

Training with Backdown
Backdown in golf is a circular motion as far as 90 degrees from the target (ball) of our shots. Movement is done as if we want to do swing execution. Then do it again in the opposite direction. This backdown is useful for training body flow and rhythm in swinging.

Try Consistent
Continue to practice your consistency, try to stick to the plan if you have found the feel in your swing. Don’t be influenced by the new feelings that you feel. Find the one that works best for you (be it a footstool, holding stick position etc.) and continue to focus on mastering that method.