Golf Benefits for Health and Business

All types of exercise certainly have benefits, especially for the health of people who do it. The activity of moving limbs is very useful for stimulating sensory and motor nerves in our body. The higher the intensity of physical activity in a type of exercise, the more benefits it will be for the body. But is that right?

Apparently not always so. The proof is that golf only hits the ball in the hole a lot of benefits for our health. Due to the fact that even if the intensity is small/low, a sport can also benefit a lot if done routinely. In addition to health, do you know if the golf for beginners also has benefited from the other side? Yep, golf is synonymous with top-class sports proved to also be able to smooth the process of negotiating a business.

Here are the health benefits of golf:

Train Physical and Cardio
Walking along the meadows where you can play golf can be classified as a physical exercise. We all know of course not how wide the golf course? Although walking with a leisurely walk, it turns out this activity is able to burn calories in a decent amount. And of course, this is very good for training the heart (cardio).

Reducing Stress Level
Sports activities of any kind are able to release the hormone endorphin. The endorphin hormone in the human body is stimulating so you can automatically forget for a moment things outside of this activity that disturbs your mind.

Add focus
Playing golf requires a high level of focus. Focusing only on golf will certainly have an impact on your daily life. Indirectly you mean practicing your concentration and focus to be better than before.

It turns out that the benefits of golf do not stop there. According to one source and experience, golf is also good for business. Maybe you are curious about what the relationship between golf and business really is. In addition to health, it turns out there are benefits of golf for business, the following include:

Opening Business Opportunities
Walk along the golf course with your opponent who happens to be a business partner. Starting from casual chatting and then leading to the pleasantries asking how each other’s business. It is not impossible if then your partner offers business cooperation with you.

Read Business Situations
The game of golf is largely determined by the level of the pitch, the direction of the wind, and so on. Being accustomed to reading situations like this in playing golf will certainly affect your expertise in reading situations in a business.

Make Decisions and Business Strategies
As a result of reading the decision, you will automatically be trained to take the right action. You can understand when you have to minimize risk and when you have to dare to take risks in business.

Handling Various Business Partner Characters
Playing with a variety of different opponents certainly makes your experience dealing with people with different characters. This way you become accustomed and know what you should act in dealing with someone with a certain character.

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