Golf Benefits for Health and Business

All types of exercise certainly have benefits, especially for the health of people who do it. The activity of moving limbs is very useful for stimulating sensory and motor nerves in our body. The higher the intensity of physical activity in a type of exercise, the more benefits it will be for the body. But is that right?

Apparently not always so. The proof is that golf only hits the ball in the hole a lot of benefits for our health. Due to the fact that even if the intensity is small/low, a sport can also benefit a lot if done routinely. In addition to health, do you know if the golf for beginners also has benefited from the other side? Yep, golf is synonymous with top-class sports proved to also be able to smooth the process of negotiating a business.

Here are the health benefits of golf:

Train Physical and Cardio
Walking along the meadows where you can play golf can be classified as a physical exercise. We all know of course not how wide the golf course? Although walking with a leisurely walk, it turns out this activity is able to burn calories in a decent amount. And of course, this is very good for training the heart (cardio).

Reducing Stress Level
Sports activities of any kind are able to release the hormone endorphin. The endorphin hormone in the human body is stimulating so you can automatically forget for a moment things outside of this activity that disturbs your mind.

Add focus
Playing golf requires a high level of focus. Focusing only on golf will certainly have an impact on your daily life. Indirectly you mean practicing your concentration and focus to be better than before.

It turns out that the benefits of golf do not stop there. According to one source and experience, golf is also good for business. Maybe you are curious about what the relationship between golf and business really is. In addition to health, it turns out there are benefits of golf for business, the following include:

Opening Business Opportunities
Walk along the golf course with your opponent who happens to be a business partner. Starting from casual chatting and then leading to the pleasantries asking how each other’s business. It is not impossible if then your partner offers business cooperation with you.

Read Business Situations
The game of golf is largely determined by the level of the pitch, the direction of the wind, and so on. Being accustomed to reading situations like this in playing golf will certainly affect your expertise in reading situations in a business.

Make Decisions and Business Strategies
As a result of reading the decision, you will automatically be trained to take the right action. You can understand when you have to minimize risk and when you have to dare to take risks in business.

Handling Various Business Partner Characters
Playing with a variety of different opponents certainly makes your experience dealing with people with different characters. This way you become accustomed and know what you should act in dealing with someone with a certain character.

Things You Need To Know Before Joining Golf Tournaments

In every officially registered sport in the world, there are certainly competitions or tournaments that are contested. Likewise with the sport of golf. If Football has a World Cup or Euro, then golf has a World Golf Championship or the US. Open as a world-class official tournament.

The purpose of holding such an official golf tournament is to prove who is number one in golf, which is to make the golf sport a global branch. Just held this kind of tournament, people are still not too familiar with the sport of golf, what if there isn’t. Not all people who pursue golf intend to focus on this sport. If you want to know more about golf for beginners, you can go to our website.

So do not be surprised if the champions of golf at the world level can be counted on the fingers. Even I only know Tiger Woods. To participate in a tournament, every player must know the system and procedure. Following are the Rules and Ethics in Golf Tournaments.

Not just golf alone, tournaments in every sport must have rules and procedures. But certainly the rules and procedures applied are different. And the rules at each tournament event certainly have some differences depending on several factors.

Here is what you should know if you want to compete in an international tournament:

– No Anchor Putting
Anchor Putting is one way to hit besides using the normal swing technique. Usually players do anchor putting when the ball is not far from the hole. Sometimes the player also does it in a broom handle position that is holding the stick like a broom handle. Techniques like this are clearly prohibited in tournaments since 2016, and those who break them will be rewarded with an additional 2 hit penalty.

– Ball Movement When Address
The address is a situation when the player has finished putting the ball and is preparing to hit. In these conditions sometimes the ball likes to move on its own due to the wind. Therefore in 2016 a new regulation was issued yesterday. New players are declared legitimate to hit if the stick hits the ball. The ball moves because the wind doesn’t count as a hit.

– Use of Extra Tools
The use of additional equipment in international golf tournaments is actually not prohibited. But the tools used must be common and meet established standards. If a player violates this rule, he will receive a 2 hit penalty on the Stroke Play game. And if you do it again, it will be declared defeat. Whereas in Matchplay, players will immediately be declared losers.

Sharpening Golf Swing Techniques

Just like kicking techniques are very important in soccer, swing techniques in golf have a very vital role. How come? Swing is the only way to score in golf. If you want to find out more articles about golf for beginners, you are in the right place.

As mentioned above, swinging is the only way to score points in golf. You cannot rely on penalty execution or even self-esteem goals like in football. Therefore, mastering the swing technique is a fixed price in pursuing this sport of golf.

Unfortunately, swinging isn’t as easy as we think. As a layman, many of us underestimate this swing technique. You will feel the difficulty in the process of execution. Yes, doing swing is not as easy as talking about it. There are several problems that cause us to fail to swing. But the main thing is usually 3 things, namely:

Don’t Hit the Ball
Seeing a professional golfer swing, we immediately assume that we can do it. Some even think that they can do better than that. But the truth? When executing, not even sticks to the ball.

Ball off the mark
When you have begun to master a little swing technique, begin to overconfidence take over. Start to add power in the swing with the hope the ball will be shot further. The result is the ball was shot far, far from the target or off the mark. But at least it has hit the ball.

The worst is when we are overconfident, hoping to make a swing with class. Imagine how if a new golfer was underrated like we could do a hole in one. Unfortunately the reality says differently, once we swing the stick, what is hit is the ground.

Training with Backdown
Backdown in golf is a circular motion as far as 90 degrees from the target (ball) of our shots. Movement is done as if we want to do swing execution. Then do it again in the opposite direction. This backdown is useful for training body flow and rhythm in swinging.

Try Consistent
Continue to practice your consistency, try to stick to the plan if you have found the feel in your swing. Don’t be influenced by the new feelings that you feel. Find the one that works best for you (be it a footstool, holding stick position etc.) and continue to focus on mastering that method.

Study Encourages Playing Golf for Body and Mind Health

A study published by the British Journal of Sport says that playing golf regularly can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. International experts assess that currently many people do not yet know the true benefits of playing golf for beginners.

These activities can improve the strength and balance of the body for adults. One researcher said, playing golf also provides good mental health effects and improves overall health. The game of golf is also a type of sport that is very friendly to those who have physical limitations. Because, golf has a moderate level of risk.

The results of the study in the journal said that as many as 60 million people play golf only twice a year. The majority of players tend to be relatively wealthy middle-aged men. Especially those in Europe, North America and Australia. As a result, golf is considered as an expensive sport that is dominated by men, difficult to learn, and not a game for young people. In fact, the sport of golf also makes the players directly connected with nature. Golf needs to be promoted as a fun outdoor activity. At the same time makes it easier for someone to form a healthy community with the challenges of an exciting game.

Based on research, at least to get maximum results, golfers must play for 150 minutes a week. The recommendation was the result of a systematic review of 342 studies on golf along with discussions between international working groups, involving 25 health policy experts and golf industry players. In addition, golfers are advised to walk. And do not use the golf cart provided by the owner of the field.

Before actually playing golf, it is usual for players to have to master the technique of making a golf shot before actually going to the field. Here are some tips that you can apply to get the perfect swing.

Adjust Body Position
Tips for playing golf for beginners, the first is to adjust the position of the body so that it is balanced and sturdy. When hitting the ball, make sure that your stance or footrest is strong enough that your body is balanced. In a balanced position, players can feel the weight shift from right to left during the downswing. As a pivot to rotate, the player’s back must be fixed, not changing position when making a swing.

Back and Down exercises
To launch a swing movement, players need to do back and down exercises. Back movement is a circular motion as far as 90 degrees from the target swing. This movement resembles a movement as if to hit the ball. Then do the down movement by turning back to the body position 90 degrees in the opposite direction.

The Right Way to Hold a Golf Club

How to hold a golf club has an important role in the quality of a golfer’s swing. The technique of holding a good golf stick is considered capable of producing good golf games too. Although it has an important role, the technique of holding a golf club is often ignored by golfers. If you do that, you need to learn more about golf for beginners.

As the only connection between the golfer and the golf club, holding the golf club is capable of impacting the results of the swing. The technique of holding the sticks properly is capable of producing a solid and straight swing because the handle of the stick also controls the position of the impact plane. There are at least three styles of holding golf clubs that are known by the golfer, but the technique of holding them is not much different.

A mistake often made by the golfer when holding a golf club is to place a weak hand as a pedestal or placed at the top. For the dominant golfer the right hand can be left hand placed above the right hand, or vice versa for the left-handed golfer, causing a weak swing.

To be able to produce accuracy and maximum swing strength, you can follow the simple way of holding a golf club like this.

Adjust the location of the hands
The first step to holding golf clubs properly is to arrange the placement of the right hand and right hand. Make sure the golf club grip is in the left palm with the top of the stick still visible outside about ½ inch at the base of the hand. As for the right hand, place it on the front or bottom of the left hand with the handle of the stick located right at the base of the fingers. So, the base of the thumb of the right hand is directly above the thumb of the left hand when the hand is holding the stick. In this position the stick is on the ground with a straight position in front of the player and the face leads to the ball that is about to be hit.

The grip resembles the letter “V”
When doing this way of holding the golf club, the index finger and thumb look like they are forming the letter “V”. The grip resembles the letter “V” formed by the right hand towards the right ear as well as the left-hand grip. Like standing in front of a clock, the stick that is held leads to the number twelve and the thumb is above the stick toward one o’clock. The player’s gaze is pointing down precisely at the knuckles of the index and middle fingers on the handle of the golf club.